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  • FEB

    Lonestar Inter-Office Extensions

    With the migration of almost all locations to VOIP, here are a couple of things to remember:

    1. Calling from a VOIP location to any other location should NEVER use the 800#. This costs Lonestar money. With VOIP, we do not pay for outgoing calls.
    2. With the exception of Abilene and Wichita Falls (they are coming soon), Other stores can be reach by dialing the direct extension of the receptionist, or any individual. Following are the extensions for the receptionists (first two digits of Excede branch and 900)
    • 20900 Albuquerque
    • 22900 Bryan
    • 28900 Farmington
    • 42900 San Angelo
    • 50900 Texarkana
    • 52900 Tyler
    • 54900 Shreveport
    • 55900 Temple
    • 70900 Waco
    • 99000 Grapevine (corporate)
  • FEB

    Lonestar Phone Tips

    Lonestar Users - Phone tip of the day

    For all Lonestar users with VOIP phones, dial *50 plus the extension for intercom "push to talk" to another user. The user you are calling does not have to pick up the phone, they will receive a beep to announce and will then be able to talk with you.

  • JAN

    Excel Query Not Working?

    Is this not working in your Excel spreadsheet?

    If so, please submit a ticket and reference KB#352

  • JAN

    LTG Phone Portal Information

    With Waco, Temple, and Bryan migrating to the new VOIP phone system today, all Lonestar locations, with the exception of Abilene and Wichita Falls are on the same phone system and can enjoy extension to extension dialing. A global directory is also available and can be accessed via the Quick Link "LTG Phone Portal". LTG users that are SIGNED INTO the help desk can download the instructions for using the portal here: Voice Portal Instructions .

  • JAN

    Invoice Finder Replaced

    The Invoice Finder application has been replaced. Below is the notice from DTNA:

     To all Dealers and Distributors:

    Effective December 8, 2014, the InvoiceFinder function will no longer be available via the old Centralized Billing website. The Pinnacle and Fleetpack programs were transitioned to Corcentric in February, 2013 and all transactions for these programs are available on the Corcentric website. All Paragon invoices are available using the Invoice Printing function within the Paragon system.

    Please see below for instructions on how to print invoices out of the Paragon system:


    Business Process for Finding, Displaying, and Printing Invoice Documentation

    To print invoices, use the Invoice Printing transaction. The business process is as follows:

     1. Set schedule for printing invoices

    Invoices are run nightly and can been viewed and printed in the system the day after the invoice is created. Invoices can be accessed repeatedly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

     2. Set selection criteria

    On the Invoice Printing Transaction screen, set the selection criteria to view invoices based on type, number, or date. Invoices for which your location is set up as the bill-to and/or payer will be displayed.

     3. Select invoices

    The Invoice Printing Transaction screen appears with the results of the search. Select the invoices to be printed.

     4. Save or print invoices


    View, save, or print the selected invoices belonging to your Ship-to, Bill-to, or Payer customer account number. Invoices can be printed as often as needed. If you select multiple invoices to print, paragon consolidates them into one PDF file, based on invoice type. The PDF file can then be printed or saved on your computer. Invoices are archived seven days from the create date. Then they remain in the system for another six years.  Archived invoices are handled differently from active invoices, which open automatically in a consolidated PDF file in a POP up window when you click PRINT.  To view and print an archived invoice, first save it as a file on your computer.  If the invoice dates entered span both active and archived periods, separate PDF files are created to draw data from the active and archive databases.  New Invoice PDFs will appear in a POP up window.  Archived invoices show up in the print preview, if there is more than one invoice type in your selection, click the back button to view the next invoice type


    Following is a link to the Knowledgebase article that contains the document from DTNA: