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  • AUG

    Email Issues

    EMAIL issues have been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

  • JUL

    Fleet Cross for LTG/TAG/SCF

    Lonestar, TAG, and Southern Connecticut/Yonkers have purchased a group license for FleetCross that no longer limits the number of users per location that can access it. The previous verion has been removed from all PCs and and the desktop icon should now launch the new version which will go directly to the part number entry box. No log on is required. This should be accessible from within all LTG and TAG branches. If you have any issues, please submit a help desk ticket and we'll work to remedy as soon as possible.

  • JUL

    Pinnacle / Corcentric Point of Sale


    The new Pinnacle/Corcentric Point of Sale integration has a known issue when validating the PO. When the PO format is invalid you will get the dialog box shown below. DO NOT click the X, instead click the OK button and correct the PO, and then atttempt to invoice again. If you click the X the invoice will not get sent to Corenctric and we will NOT get paid. If you have questions, please submit a help desk ticket.

  • JUL


      OWL - Users getting logged out on launch   7/8/2015
      Online Warranty Link - Issue causing users to become logged out when launching the OWL application. No ETA at this time.

    Last Updated: 7/8/2015 4:15:25 AM Pacific Time
    Currently: 7/8/2015 6:16:04 AM Pacific Time
  • JUN

    Accessfreightliner.com and DASH restored

    Message from DTNA @ 5:30PM 6/22/2015


    The DASH and AccessFreightliner.com/AccessWesternstar.com have been restored. The changes that were put in place this weekend for the move to the DTNAConnect homepage have been backed out and all redirection to DTNAConnect has been removed. If you reach AccessFreightliner.com/AccessWesternStar.com using a Favorites link in your browser, you will no longer see the notification page directing you to DTNAConnect. Those who have access to WarrantyLit and Recall & Field Service Campaigns should also use AccessFreightliner.com to reach that documentation until DTNAConnect is once again fully functional.


    For now, please continue to use AccessFreightliner.com to reach your applications and online resources. We will conduct additional testing of DTNAConnect as we prepare to make this transition at a later date.


    We apologize for any inconvenience.