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Tickets are monitored from 7am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

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  • JUN

    Carbonite Notices

  • MAY

    DDEC Reports 8.07 Upgrade

    DDEC Reports 8.07 upgrade has been staged for LTG, TAG, SCF to begin installing this afternoon.  If your PC has DiagnosticLink or DDEC Reports 8.06 already on it, and is restarted (not shutdown) after 3:30pm CDT, the upgrade will be applied for you.  This upgrade will delay the shutdown process for several minutes while the installer is active.  It is possible that 2 shutdowns could be needed to start the installer.


    If the upgrade does not complete, please submit a ticket in the Support Center for assistance.



  • MAY

    Excede 9.20 Upgrade Wednesday Evening

    Wednesday evening we will be upgrading Excede to version 9.20. Please ensure that all PCs are powered on and available online. Those that are not will need an extra reboot Thursday morning to complete the upgrade.


    Please check back for additional information relating to the upgrade.


    Emails will be forthcoming for additional information. Most of the updates are behind the scenes, but there are a few that may impact your daily routine.

  • APR

    Service Pick Ticket Changes

    Look for this option starting Monday April 25th!!!


    We have added an additional option for printing the Service Pick Ticket.

    Here are the two options:


    Choosing the "Service Pick Ticket" option will print only the parts added in the last X minutes as defined for your branch. The default is 5. No prompts are required and all parts with a "DateCreate" less than or equal to (from all operations) will print. If 5 minutes is not sufficient, your parts manager will need to create a ticket requesting what the number of minutes needs to be for your branch.


    Choosing "Service Pick Ticket with Prompts" requires the user to manually enter the RO#, Operation, Starting ItmId, and Bay# as shown below. This would eliminate the minutes criteria and allow the user to specify where to begin printing within a particular operation, although it is does require answering the prompts including keying in the RO number.

    By entering the ItmId, only the parts starting with that number can be printed, eliminating the printing of previously picked numbers.


    If the ItmId column is not available, use the column chooser to turn it on as shown above.


  • APR

    PartsPro 6 for LTG TAG and SCF

    We are in process of upgrading the version of Internet Explorer on all computers from version IE10 to IE11.  DTNA advises that PartsPro 5 will not perform well in IE11 so please make sure you are using PartsPro 6 starting today.

    DTNA will be shutting down Parts Pro 5 April 16th.