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For critical, system down, and after hours emergencies, please leave a message at 817-500-5403.

A member of the IT Staff will return your call.

Tickets are monitored from 7am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Requests received outside of those hours will be addressed the next business day.

New tickets can be entered from this page, or by sending an email to support@lonestartg.com


Backing up Critical Documents

If you have critical documents that you cannot afford to lose, you should be backing up those documents to your U: drive.  Your computer / laptop hard drive is not backed up, but the server where your U: drive is hosted is backed up daily.  Your U: drive is specific to you and no other users can access the documents you save there.  Please don’t waste space on the server by backing up unnecessary files.  It is your responsibility to decide which files should be copied to the U: drive and to copy them there.


You can access the U: drive one of two ways:

  1. Click the Windows button and type u:\ in the search box

  2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to it under Computer

  3. Create a folder in the U: drive and name it My Documents if it doesn’t already exist.

  4. If you open your U: drive in one window and your local documents in another, you can just drag and drop to copy your documents to the U: drive.

  5. If you have any issues accessing your U: drive, please create a support ticket.



DiagnosticLink 8.05 Upgrade

The upgrade has been staged and will begin tonight for all companies.  After the upgrade is complete on your computer, the software will need to be registered again.  The registration process is completed by clicking the Register button in the below picture and logging in with your DTNAConnect credentials.  The Registration Key and Computer Description should be prepopulated with the info from the 8.4 install which should be correct.



If your PC has not received the upgrade, a restart should start the installer.

Should you need assistance with this process, please submit a ticket through our Support Center.




DiagnosticLink 8.05 Upgrade

DTNA has published an upgrade to DiagnosticLink today.  We are working to setup the upgrade for all PCs that currently have 8.04 installed.  We expect to have this complete today and to have the process working over night.  Please make sure to leave all PCs powered on overnight to receive the update.

Parts and Service Requests should be functional again, please let us know if you find any issues.


Parts Requests, Warranty Requets, and Additional Service Requests are currently having a problem.  Our IT staff is aware and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.  There is no ETA at this time.



Lonestar IT Staff


Parts and Service Users, 

Caterpillar is changing the requirement for the software to allow the diagrams to be viewed from their website effective Monday 11/14/16.  The software is an upgraded version of CreoView.  The installer provided to us will not allow us to push the software out to computers but does not require admin rights to install.  If you need to view CAT diagrams please click the link below and perform the install.  The installer will need to be ran for each user on all PCs that the diagrams are used on.




Click Run on the security warning below:


Check the box to accept the agreement then click the Install button:




Click Finish:


You should now be able to view the diagrams in CAT SIS.


If you need assistance with this process, please send a ticket to our Support Center.