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For critical, system down, and after hours emergencies, please leave a message at 817-500-5403.

A member of the IT Staff will return your call.

Tickets are monitored from 7am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Requests received outside of those hours will be addressed the next business day.

New tickets can be entered from this page, or by sending an email to support@lonestartg.com

ALL DTNA Connect users:


DTNA has implemented a new forgot password process that will allow all DTNAConnect.com users to easily reset their passwords without contacting their security administrators. This new method will require each user to setup a series of challenge questions to verify their identities and keep their login credentials secure.


We are now requesting that all DTNAConnect.com users at your location complete the challenge questions setup by following the steps below.


Note: This will not change your existing DTNAConnect.com password. If you have previously setup challenge questions, you will need to create new ones.


Step 1: Go directly to the challenge questions page. You will need your existing DTNAConnect user ID and password to reach the challenge questions. You will also find a link to this page on the Support overview page on DTNAConnect.com once general release begins.


Step 2: Select from the drop-down menu of pre-set challenge questions and supply the correct answers. Click ‘Save.’ Please make note of your questions/answers for future reference if your password is lost or forgotten.


If you have any questions or need help completing the challenge questions, please ‘Contact Us’ at the home page to submit a support request, or send an email detailing your request to support@lonestartg.com.


Thank you!

IT Support Team


Corcentric Customer Care



Corcentric help desk#:(877) 950-9555


We’re very excited that our new Corcentric Support platform launches today! We’re certain you’ll find this to be an easy and innovative experience that keeps you on track for world-class service.

Starting today, you have three ways to contact support (please note the first two ways remain unchanged):

  1. Call support directly using the phone number assigned to your account.
  2. Email your issues and questions using the existing email address: support@corcentric.com.
  3. Log in to the new Corcentric Support platform by going to https://corcentric.zendesk.com and choosing the "Sign up" link next to "New to Corcentric Support?" Follow the prompts to create an account.

All open cases have been migrated to the new portal and will be visible upon login. Historic cases remain archived but are accessible by the Customer Care staff, if you require specific information.

This new implementation is part of our ongoing effort to make your customer experience as seamless as possible. Once you create an account, you’ll quickly see the capability for top-notch tracking and communication between you and Corcentric. Additionally, you'll have access to a Learning Library, which includes FAQs, training videos, and release notes.

Before you get started, you can also review the Corcentric Help Center User Guide for information on how to create your login and navigate requests and activities with ease.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!


Corcentric Customer Care


If you have critical documents that you cannot afford to lose, you should be backing up those documents to your U: drive.  Your computer / laptop hard drive is not backed up, but the server where your U: drive is hosted is backed up daily.  Your U: drive is specific to you and no other users can access the documents you save there.  Please don’t waste space on the server by backing up unnecessary files.  It is your responsibility to decide which files should be copied to the U: drive and to copy them there.


You can access the U: drive one of two ways:

  1. Click the Windows button and type u:\ in the search box

  2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to it under Computer

  3. Create a folder in the U: drive and name it My Documents if it doesn’t already exist.

  4. If you open your U: drive in one window and your local documents in another, you can just drag and drop to copy your documents to the U: drive.

  5. If you have any issues accessing your U: drive, please create a support ticket.